Take control of form focus when pages load in your browser with this premium Firefox add-on. Save time and clicks.

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UPDATE: Since Firefox 57 this add-on no longer works, and because of lack of interest I’ve discontinued it.

Tired of clicking the same search box, user field, or other form input every time you revisit a website? FocyOverride (pronounced like “foci-override”) allows you to override the default page focus to the field of your choice. It can help avoid clicks when you just want to start typing. For example, one can focus on the search box and immediately start typing your query. Or you can auto-focus on the user-name or password field to prepare auto-filling them with a password manager every time you visit the page.


  • Right-click to override focus per page
  • Ability to auto highlight contents of focused input
  • Option to focus on nothing (blur) instead; useful for voice control
  • Upgrades for life
  • Money-back guarantee (up to 7 days)


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