Join Multiple Zoom Meetings For Free

Paid Zoom plans officially support joining multiple meetings at once, yet this is also possible on a free account if you don’t mind some of the quirks.

One meeting can use the desktop app—or a browser—but the others must all join from within a web browser. Using a browser can actually be a challenge as the native app tries to automatically launch whenever meeting links are loaded. So you may want to use a browser extension like this one, or maintain a separate browser or profile which doesn’t auto-open meeting links in the desktop app. In the latter case the process will also include clicking the big, blue “Launch Meeting” button then waiting for the smaller “Join from your browser” link to appear.

With everything connected managing the audio can be a chore since they’ll play simultaneously and your mic will pick up the others’ audio too. Muting yourself and using a headset are a must. It may also help to assign the other meeting’s audio to a separate speaker, such as those connected to another laptop/screen where the other meeting is on display.

For even more control over the volume of the meetings there is BackgroundMusic for Mac and Windows’ own Volume Mixer which can set different levels for the native app and your browser(s). Putting each meeting in a different browser is an option if you don’t use the desktop app at all or want to connect to more than two meetings at once.

Why No Wing Commander Or Privateer Remasters?

Some large game franchises are remastering or rebooting games less than 20 years old, many of which have already aged quite well. So why can’t we get some older ‘classics’ like early Wing Commanders (1990, 1991) or Privateer (1993) at least an HD upgrade? Several spiritual successors have been attempted and there are no fewer than three different fan-made attempts.

As great as the originals were back in the day their actual gameplay is now hopelessly dated. And I say that as someone who enjoyed them as a youngster in the 90s. That said, the stories and characters retain much of their charm, despite some stereotypes and tropes. Props to those making patches and fan remakes to breath some new life into these vintage franchises. Sadly their efforts still have too much jank for my taste.

If only there were some modest quality-of-life and graphical upscaling these old experiences could be restored for a new generation. Ideally some mod support would be included so the community can carry the torch once the rights holders lose interest.