Browser Routr (Beta)


Route links and requests for some sites to different browsers, without any extra clicks.

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Open certain websites or pages in your browser of choice with this desktop application and its complementary browser extensions. With them you can more easily separate your banking, personal, or professional work into entirely different browsers because links and requests to those sites will be routed automatically[1].

NOTE: This pre-release software is still under development. It’s being offered at a discounted price until it is more user friendly.

Browser Routr — Privacy Policy
Browser Routr — License
Browser Routr — Change Log


Currently only Microsoft Windows and MacOS are supported.

Browser Route From [2] Route To [3]
Firefox Yes Yes
Brave Yes Yes
Chrome Yes Yes
Edge (Chromium) Yes Yes
Internet Explorer No Yes
Safari No Yes
Tor Browser Yes Only when not already open
Vivaldi No, incomplete Yes


  1. Browser Routr interacts with browsers, websites, operating systems, and interfaces that may change often. So it cannot be guaranteed to work as you expect with every combination. If you need perfect isolation of your browsing activity for safety or security please consult a qualified security expert.
  2. Routing from within a browser to another requires installing the Browser Routr extension
  3. Any browser which can accept a URL as a parameter can be routed to


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