Browser Routr, Now With Prompter

Ever wish you could more easily dedicate a web browser to only certain sites and still work from your primary browser the rest of the time? I certainly have, yet all the tools I had found for doing so required either manual copy-pasting once inside the browser of choice, or right-clicking to bring up a prompter app. Browser Routr was made to allow automatically routing navigation within a browser to another, based on the website.

For example, one can click a link to Google Sheets from Firefox and have it open in Chrome without any more clicks or keyboard shortcuts. And while Browser Routr is still in beta—and not quite ready for everyone—it now includes a prompter app of its own.

prompter window with large buttons featuring various browser icons

This means Browser Routr can be set as the default browser within Windows or MacOS, so the preferred browser will be opened directly and without having to route through another. It also provides a smoother experience for those who want to be asked their choice of browser for each link they open outside a browser.

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