LockyWindow Updated To Support KeePass v2.39

It’s now possible to use the LockyWindow plugin with KeePass version 2.39. Because of internal changes to KeePass only plugin version v1.2 will work, while older versions are incompatible. This release is only for compatibility; there are no changes in functionality.

For those who must remain on older KeePass releases plugin version 1.1.12 will continue to work.

2 thoughts on “LockyWindow Updated To Support KeePass v2.39”

  1. Is it work with version 2.42? How fast lockywindow will be update, when new version keepass will come?

    1. Yes, KeePass version 2.4.2 does work. So far only one update to LockyWindow has been needed, and it was available within four days of the KeePass update which broke compatibility. Unfortunately I cannot guarantee an update timeline since KeePass is an independent project which may change at any time, and the product does not earn enough to support its full-time development. Still, I will do my best to keep it updated as needed.

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